Treatment Steps in Drug Rehabs

There are various steps that patients go through during their treatment for drug addiction at the drug rehabs. These are the steps that all individuals both regular persons and celebrities go through while undergoing drug addiction treatment. The steps are as follows:


This is a process of cleansing the patients of the toxins or drugs that their bodies are used to. While undergoing treatment for drug addiction, patients must learn how to cope with withdrawal symptoms that accompany treatment for drug addiction. Detoxification ensures that the bodies of the patients are cleansed of the drugs or substances that they are used to without suffering the side effects of the withdrawal symptoms. This is very important because withdrawal symptoms can be severe with some being life-threatening.


Many addicts experience psychiatric problems which include bipolar disorders, sleep disorder, anxiety and depression. Others have experienced trauma due to incest or rape which led them into drug abuse and subsequent addiction. While there might not be a clear relation between substance or drug abuse and these problems, many programs for addiction treatment centers link patients with therapy groups and psychiatrists.

Cognitive therapy

Therapy enables the addicted persons to realize the situations that trigger them into substance or drug abuse. This is very important because it enables the patients to seek alternative plans. For instance, if a person abuses a drug after having a heated argument with his or her spouse, he or she can learn how to deal with the fights by simply counting 1 to 10 or attending an anonymous meeting of other patients who are undergoing treatment at various drug rehabs. Patients are also taught assertive skills. These enable them to resist alcohol and drugs completely.

Family therapy

Family members are involved in the treatment of their loved ones for drug addiction. Family therapies are very important because they help in healing the damaged relationships while ensuring that patients get the support that they need to overcome their addiction. Family support is important in ensuring that the addicted persons remain clean for a long time even after leaving the rehab center.


At the drug rehabilitation centers, patients receive approved medication that enables them to overcome their drug or alcohol dependence. Such medication includes Campral, which helps patients with alcohol addiction to remain alcohol free. There are other treatments like Suboxone which treats opiates addiction while reducing withdrawal symptoms as well as cravings. It is after medication that patients are put into therapy and counseling sessions or programs that suit their unique addiction situations.


Once a patient has completed a drug rehab program in drug rehab St Louis and then they can left the rehabilitation center, it is important that they receive aftercare to ensure that they do not relapse. This entails meeting with the professionals of a rehab center once in a while for counseling and therapy sessions. Patients also meet with other patients who have undergone treatment to share their experiences of leading a drug-free life. Basically, drug rehabs ensure that patients have a network that enables them to get the support that they need to avoid relapses.

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